Reef Finance (REEF)

Reef Finance (REEF)

Reef Finance (REEF)

Reef —— Polkadot-based Multi-Chain Smart Yield Engine & Liquidity Aggregator
  1. Reef Finance is a multi-chain smart yield engine and liquidity aggregator that can be integrated with any DeFi protocol, powered by Polkadot.
  2. Reef Finance lowers the technology barrier for retail investors to enter the DeFi space while improving the efficiency of decision making based on the user's risk level.
  3. REEF is the native, utility token of the Reef platform. It is mainly used to pay for transaction fees as well as support the protocol rewards structure.
  4. Reef Protocol utilizes Polkadot’s Proof of Stake base consensus mechanism and it’s governed through a DAO structure. And the Reef token also used for Staking and Governance.

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About Reef Finance

Reef is the first cross-chain DeFi operating system built on Polkadot - a license-free intelligent liquidity aggregator and yield engine that any financial center can be integrated into. Unlike other DeFi operating platforms, Reef integrates with CEX and DEX, allowing traders to access liquidity trades from both CEX and DEX. In addition, Reef offers intelligent lending, borrowing, collateralization and mining through the AI-powered, personalized Reef Yield Engine.

Powered by Polkadot, which shares its security model with the ecosystem and enables cross-chain integration across top DeFi protocols, Reef's extremely low technical barrier allows retail investors to enter the DeFi space, while Reef can scale the decision-making process based on the user's risk level.

REEF is the native utility token of Reef Finance with the following use cases:

  • Governance: vote on different proposals such as releasing new features and re-adjusting certain parameters in the system;
  • Protocol Fees: pay fees for operations such as entering/exiting an allocation basket, reallocation, rebalancing and other activities;
  • Staking: stake into various pools to earn interests with preferred APR;
  • Yield Distribution: choose the payout ratio of the profit generated by the activities in your allocation basket.

Project Team

Reef was founded by Denko Mancheski. His motivation was to remove technical barriers to entry for retail investors who want to get involved with DeFi — and offer a straightforward decision-making process that takes a user’s appetite for risk into account.

Denko Mancheski, joined VERTEX BROADCAST SOLUTION in 2010 and worked for 4 years for 2 ERP providers, building modules and mobile applications that are still in use today. In 2016 Denko entered the cryptocurrency space and started blockchain technology development, working on Solidity language programming (Ether), Steem and some EOS development work. In January of this year, they decided to focus on DeFi and founded Reef.

In addition, the rest of the Reef core team has a solid background in smart contract development and a lot of experience in Polkadot-based development.

Project Highlight

Reef is committed to creating a seamless, easy on-boarding process and providing users with easy access to the DeFi ecosystem as a one-stop, portable solution. Reef has developed the Revenue Engine, a suite of AI-powered personalized algorithms that enable intelligent lending, borrowing, mortgaging and mining to maximize user profits. The Reef platform exhibits the following features and characteristics:

  • Global Liquidity Aggregator: Reef is a DeFi liquidity aggregator that will aggregate liquidity from DEX’s, centralized exchanges, liquidity pools, and other sources into one global pool thus enabling order flow to enter through a single point.
  • Smart Yield Engine: Reef also functions as a DeFi yield engine, which abstracts away the execution complexities of opportunities in DeFi, allowing ease of access for retail investors and fund managers around the world, and serves as a gateway to the entire DeFi landscape.
  • Non-custodial: Reef is a decentralized, non-custodial protocol; assets are controlled by the users themselves and not stored on the platform. Reef empowers the users to keep storage of their own private keys and cryptocurrency assets, while working in the background akin to a DeFi Operating.

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